May 23, 2015

BI/Dashboard Case Study

N Y Based Financial Service Firm

Client Background
  • The client provides Global Execution & Clearing services for products like Futures, FX, CFDs and Equities.
  • Global user base in NYC, Chicago and London.
 Provide Management an insight to

  • Financial information to make better decisions
  • Manage the business on a day-to-day basis
  • Create and manage a solid controls environment
  • Align incentives of employees
  • Analyze data across multiple dimensions
Solution Customer Benefits
SIAL built an intuitive Management Reporting framework leveraging our Si-Analytics product

  • Institute one version of Truth
  • Driven by Business User Needs
    BI Dashboards
    Analytical Reports
    Static Reports
    AdHoc Reports
    Scheduled reports
    Automated data refreshes
    Notification & Alerts
  • Easy to Use Excel Interface
  • One version of Truth
  • Clear accountability and insight into the business
  • Ensure compliance to agency regulations
  • Leverage & Extend Platform investment
  • Low Cost Of Ownership
  • Integration with Line of Business systems
    e.g. GL, HR, Operations systems

Interactive Dashboard-Portfolio
Emperical Duration and Beta Exposure
nteractive Dashboard-Portfolio Emperical Duration and Beta Exposure

Interactive Dashboard
– Price VAR

Interactive Dashboard