May 21, 2015

Si-Link The Social Business Platform

  • An Business Operating Platform for
    today’s Social Enterprise
  • Task Management>
  • Calendar Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Enterprise Information Integration
    Create Information Objects that can be acted
  • Operational Blotter
  • Alerts & Notification
  • Document Manager
    One place to view docs from local PC, FileShare,
    SharePoint and    integration with Cloud: SkyDrive, Google Drive,
    Ability to drag and drop docs from cloud to chat and vice versa
  • Integrated SharePoint App
    Can be used to Navigate through SharePoint
  • App Store
    Si-Link has OOB apps viz. RSS feeder, Analytics tool,
    SharePoint Uploader
  • Customers can add to their Apps to the App Store




Si-Link: Corporate Presentation Layer

 Corporate Presentation Layer

Corporate Presentation Layer


Si-Link: An Innovation case Study
N Y Based Financial Service Firm

Innovation Solution Benefits
  • Development of seamless business messaging framework with business dictionary
  • Development of unique tools for instant communications
    Easily search and action Organization information
  • Enablement of real-time access to deal details for sales, trading, and company functions
  • Built-in analytics – productivity, win-ratios, order fulfillment, time to market
  • Integration of document management, help desk, calendar, task management and admin functions
  • Automated processes: BWIC, DDQ, EOD Pricing, traceability of legal and compliance initiatives
  • Little to no training involved “Intuitive UX”
  • 70% reduction in proposal response time
  • Insight to Management

Unique Product offering that can
be leveraged across clients and industries