May 21, 2015

Si-Analytics A Reporting/Analytics and BI tool

SIAL’ Product Offering : Si-Analytics

  • Get Data
    Multiple data sources
    Multiple Formats
    Get and bind data from external sources using web services (for sources like Nexus)
  • Prep Data
    Slice/Dice Data
    Identify Quality issues
    Enrich data with derived data
    Validate business needs
  • Author Reports
    Multiple Output Types (viz. Grid, RDL, Excel, Pivot, CSV, PDF) and Dashboards
    Format Reports
    Multiple reports (views) from one “get data”
    Delivery Types (PDF, HTML, Excel)
    Entitlement driven
  • Publish Reports
    Email, FTP
    Device compatible viewing (iPAD, Surface, Android)
  • Integration with existing Windows Application

BI/Dashboard Case Study N Y Based Financial Service Firm